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Bigge's Recent Tower Crane Projects

Construction Begins at USTAR

Bigge's Peiner SK415 tower crane arrived in January at the USTAR (Utah Science Technology and Research) project at the University of Utah. The new 200,000 square foot research complex should be completed in 2012.

The crane stands at 225’ HUH (height under hook) configured with a 246’ jib that will be used to erect the concrete and steel structure. Along with erecting the Peiner SK415, Bigge crews also worked with the general contractor to erect their own Liebherr 420 tower crane for the project. We used a 230-ton Manitowoc 888 crawler crane to erect the two tower cranes.

Bigge’s Tower Crane Division offers a diverse selection of cranes for any high-rise construction project. Tower crane service is available throughout the country with engineering support, factory-trained technicians and assisting cranes.

Twice the Capacity

When it comes to adding capacity, Bigge knows best and recently erected one of our Alimak SCANDO 650 Dual-Car Construction Hoists for this new downtown project. This new building has 22 stories and required more than just one construction hoist to handle the volume of traffic.

The dual-car configuration provides two individual cars that run independently of each other while utilizing a single mast, each hoist capable of carrying 7,100 pounds of personnel and materials. Each car has its own operator and gate system, allowing them to run efficiently and safely.

Bigge offers a variety of construction hoists to meet the demand for just about any construction application. We provide turnkey hoist services throughout the country, complete with site planning, erection/dismantle, operators and certified technicians.

Construction Ends at Fullerton College

Construction Ends at Fullerton College

Bigge's Peiner SK415 tower crane imaged at Fullerton College in Southern California constructing the recently completed $36 million science building.

The crane stood with 135-feet HUH (height under hook) configured with a 180-foot jib and was used to erect structural steel and the dome roof that is common among the other buildings on campus.

The general contractor preferred a tower crane on this jobsite due to the restricted work area and active college campus. There were pedestrian walkways and other buildings surrounding the new building location that were a concern for the builders. Bigge had engineered the crane’s location and hoisting parameters to be the safest method possible, assuring the safety of the students and property.

Dismantling a Tower Crane in San Francisco

Dismantling Tower Crane

San Francisco, an amazing city with spectacular views, had an additional sight to see as Bigge dismantled a tall standing tower crane in the SOMA District (South of Market).

One of Bigge’s Peiner SK415 tower cranes was used for the construction on a 25-story condominium building in SOMA for the last eighteen months. The hammerhead-style tower crane was erected with 272-feet HUH (height under hook) and had 147 feet of jib.

To dismantle the tower crane, Bigge deployed one of our Manitowoc 2250 crawler cranes in a luffing configuration, one 75-ton assist crane, a technician and rigging crew. There were 19 truck loads of crane and extra equipment hauled to dismantle the crane, and an additional 11 loads to haul the tower crane back to Bigge’s yard.

Selecting a location to rig in the crawler crane was challenging for this project. The new building was enclosed by adjacent buildings, only leaving an alley and side street to rig in the crane. Deciding to go with the alley for the dismantle, the crawler crane was configured with 200 feet of main boom and 200 feet of luffing jib, and was positioned within feet of the surrounding buildings.

Bigge’s tower crane division offers complete engineering support for critical lifts just like this one. Our project manager and safety team worked side by side with the contractor to make sure this dismantling process was conducted in the safest and most efficient manner possible.

New Construction on the Rise!

New Construction on the Rise

New life has spawned as construction on this new downtown city center is underway. Stretching over three city blocks, the project has consumed the downtown vicinity and is accompanied with a looming assortment of cranes from the Bigge fleet. This innovative and sustainable new development will be the center point of a new downtown and has been designed into a walkable urban community filled with retail, offices and residences. The project will be completed in 2012.

The Bigge tower crane division has played an important part in this project and has erected a total of seven cranes. The four tower cranes visible in this picture, from left to right, include the Peiner 35-ton SK575 and 22-ton SK415 flat top tower cranes, 26.5-ton Potain MR405B luffing tower and a 35-ton Comedil CTL630 luffing tower. In the foreground is a 230-ton Manitowoc 888, one of several crawler cranes also working on the project.

Our team of project managers, engineers and erection/dismantle crews are thrilled to be a supporting contractor on this project. We have dedicated a wide variety of cranes, equipment and technology for this project, and will continue to promote this project in future newsletters as it progresses.

Bigge Gears Up for Winter (Park City, UT)

park City Utah Tower Crane montage

This will be the second winter for Bigge’s Peiner SK575 tower cranes in Park City, UT. The 35-ton capacity tower cranes have been working together for the past 12 months constructing a new five star luxury resort in the Deer Valley area.

Bigge’s team of professional engineers, technical support, and project managers have worked with the customer throughout the pre-construction, foundation and design, erection certification process. Once these cranes were operational, they have been supported by Bigge's team of factory trained tower crane technicians, who offer a quick response to any maintenance or operational concern.

Bigge’s tower crane and hoist rental services are available nationwide, with several parts and services depots throughout the country. Customers can take advantage of our full turnkey service; offering site planning, engineered foundation design, zoning and anti-collision systems, and erection and dismantle services.

Contact Jesse Sullivan at or (510) 638-8100 for any upcoming tower crane and hoist project requirement.

Up, Up & Away (Sunnyvale, CA)

Devcon Hoist

Bigge’s tower crane and hoist division has launched a second brand of man and material hoists and is now offering Hercules Hoists. The Hercules brand adds breadth and depth to the fleet which already features Alimak hoists.

Bigge’s tower crane and hoist fleet is the newest in the industry and provides its customers with complete turnkey services including site planning, erection/dismantling, operation and maintenance by factory trained professionals working out of five service branches.

City of Hope Gets a Lift

City of Hope Tower Crane

Bigge’s tower crane and hoist services recently assembled a Peiner SK415 tower crane for the Arnold and Mabel Beckman Center which is currently under construction at City of Hope in Duarte, CA.

The Bigge operated and maintained 22-ton capacity hammerhead-style tower crane stands at 175’ HUH in order to clear adjacent buildings and is configured with 246’ of jib to build the five-story, 119,000-square foot facility that opened in 2009.

The City of Hope Beckman Research Institute is internationally recognized for its ground-breaking biomedical research and their advancements in the treatment of cancer, bringing new hope and promise to patients around the world.

Bigge’s tower crane and hoist services offer Comedil, Peiner and Potain tower cranes and construction personnel hoists.

For more info about the center, visit: City of Hope

Mission Street Tower Crane (San Francisco, CA)

MIssion Street Tower Crane

Bigge Crane and Rigging Co. recently assembled one of its Peiner SK415 tower cranes in downtown San Francisco. The crane is scheduled to be on-site for the next nine months while new condominiums are constructed.

The Peiner SK 415 tower crane free stands to a height under hook of 272’ with 213’ jib length. Bigge offers the entire Peiner SK tower crane series for rental and sale including the 35-ton SK575 and 17.5-ton SK315 tower cranes.

Bigge has expanded its tower crane operations by offering construction-hoist services. The hoists will be offered for sale and rent alongside its tower and mobile cranes, establishing a one-stop-shop for all contractors’ lifting needs nationwide.

Tower Crane Sunset (Northern California)

Coker Tower Crane

A Bigge tower crane is always nice to see, but a Bigge tower crane with a sunset is a beautiful sight. This Bigge Peiner SK415 has been placed for some time at a Northern California Refinery and has been relocated and operated for several maintenance and capitol projects. The tower crane stands with a height under hook of 272’ with a 229’ jib length.

Bigge Tower Crane Services supports projects nationwide and offers an extensive rental fleet of Comedil, Peiner and Potain tower cranes. The Bigge team of professional engineers, estimators and project managers are readily available to assist in all phases of pre-construction, design, delivery, installation, operation and the maintenance of your next tower crane requirement.

UCLA Retirement Center (Los Angeles, CA)

Comedil CTL630 Tower Crane

Bigge has just assembled one of its Comedil CTL 630 luffing tower cranes which is scheduled to be onsite for the next 12 months at Belmont Village in West Los Angeles. This luffing tower crane is specifically suited for congested construction sites and the jib can be luffed to an almost vertical position, attaining excellent hook heights while avoiding adjacent buildings and preserving neighborhood air rights.

After four years of planning, construction began a few months ago on the unique $70 million Belmont Village Westwood project on Wilshire Boulevard, near the UCLA campus. The independent and assisted-living housing development will cater to UCLA alumni and faculty.

Cranes are First to Hit the Mountain (Park City, UT)

Layton SK575

November was a busy month for the Bigge tower crane team as they assembled two Peiner SK 575 tower cranes and are scheduled to add a third crane in April. The three cranes will work in tandem for the next 30 months to build a new Deer Valley Ski Resort.

The Peiner SK 575 tower cranes have a 35-ton lifting capacity. The first crane is configured to 252 feet HUH with 213 feet of jib and the second crane is configured to 226 feet HUH and 213 feet jib length. Both cranes were completed and certified safely and ahead of schedule.

Bigge Assembles Towers for New Bridge (Sacramento Valley, CA)

Bigge Assembles Towers for New Bridge

Construction began on the new $105 million bridge at Folsom Lake Dam. The long overdue project will expand over the American River and will ease traffic for 15,000 daily commuters.

Kiewit Construction hired Bigge Tower Crane Service to transport, assemble and climb two Potain 560 tower cranes that will remain at the jobsite for the duration of the development. The two towers were hauled from Vallejo to Sacramento by a fleet of Bigge flat bed and step deck trailers.

A 265-ton all terrain crane configured with 360,000-lbs. of counterweight and a 40’ jib is also onsite to assemble the tower cranes. Bigge’s tower crane service offers nationwide crane rental with assemble and dismantle services on the West Coast.

San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge Tower Crane Project

San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge Tower Cranes Project

In February, Bigge dismantled the third of the 16 tower cranes it erected on the Skyway portion of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge. We used our Liebherr LTM 1220 with 119,000-lbs. of counterweight and 197' of boom. The heaviest lift of 22,500-lbs. was hoisted at a 70' radius. Our crews completed the dismantle of the crane in two days. This was just one of nine tower cranes that Bigge either erected or dismantled in February 2006.

California Refinery Tower Crane Project

California Refinery Tower Crane Project

Bigge Crane and Rigging Co. provided a turnkey solution at this Northern California refinery. Bigge’s recent expansion of its tower crane rental operation provides customers with all of their tower crane needs under one roof. Customers on the West Coast can expect complete erection and dismantling service, professional engineered support, certified tower crane maintenance, and qualified operators to handle any hoisting needs.

The Peiner SK 415 tower crane pictured was part of a general maintenance project at a Bay Area refinery. The SK 415 was assembled before the refinery shutdown began in preparation for the two-month long maintenance project. Bigge used a Link-Belt HC 268 to erect the tower crane, setting it to a height under hook of 250’ with 229’ jib reach, allowing the crane to cover the large working radius that the project required. Once the maintenance project is complete, the tower crane will be disassembled and relocated to another maintenance project site within the same refinery.

Brannan Square Tower Crane (San Francisco, CA)

Brannan Square Tower Crane - San Francisco CA

The attached photograph shows Bigge's 300-ton Manitowoc M250 crawler crane with 160' main boom and 160' luffing jib dismantling Bigge's Peiner SK 315 tower crane. The slewing ring, a 27,000-lb. piece, was hoisted at a 150' radius. Bigge provided the tower crane to Bovis Lend Lease on an operated and maintained basis. The job is the 200 Brannan Square Project in San Francisco, a residential condominium building.

One Tall Free-Standing Tower Crane

One Tall Free Standing Tower Crane

Bigge crews assembled this Liebherr 316 Tower Crane at 2100 Franklin Street in Oakland, CA for Pankow Builders. Bigge used its 600-ton capacity, Demag AC 500 with a luffing jib attachment, to put the tower up over a two-day period. With a height of 366' above grade, this is one of the tallest free-standing tower cranes currently erected in the United States. Bigge has installed and dismantled more than 45 cranes in the past two years and has become the premier provider for tower crane installation on the West Coast.

California Refinery Tower Crane Erection

California Refinery Tower Crane Erection

At a Northern California refinery, Bigge crews assembled a brand-new Liebherr 550 tower crane to a free-standing, height under hook of 234’. To erect the tower crane, Bigge used a Demag AC 500 all terrain crane with 300,000-lbs. of counterweight, 171' main boom and a 137' luffing jib. The tower crane will be used for hoisting rebar and formwork on this new processing plant. Bigge has mobilized a multitude of other cranes for the project, including an American HC 275 crawler crane, a Manitowoc 888 crawler crane, with a second one on the way, and a number of rough terrain cranes varying in capacities from 30 to 80-tons. Bigge specializes in providing equipment and crews specifically designed and trained for industrial and refinery applications. When you need high-quality machinery and well-trained professional craftspeople to operate the equipment, remember that Bigge is always here to fit the bill.